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3M 3US-PS01 Under The Sink Water Filter

3M 3US PS01 Under The Sink Water Filter Replacement

Are you looking for the best and affordable replacement for 3M 3US PS01 Under The Sink Water Filter? Have a look at SGF-AF01 from Swift Green Filters. It is the most compatible and Eco-friendly product to be used at the place of 3US-PS01.

From the manufacturer,

Product Detail

The SGF-AF01 is designed to replace 3M 3US PS01 Under The Sink Water Filter. It comes with a number of benefits and features through which it is suitable to carry it for home as well as for business. The reliable and long-lasting carbon material used in the product helps you deliver cleaner, clearer, consistent water and designed to treat with a wide variety of water problems such as Chloramines, bacteria, sediment, rust, dirt, and chlorine taste and odor.

3M 3US-PS01 Under The Sink Water Filter

3US PS01 Under The Sink Water Filter Alternative is specially built filter designed to retain beneficial elements like fluoride, calcium, magnesium and many others in the water. The filtration process handled by this filter consists of the passing of the water from a number of layers until it goes into the middle of the cartridge. With every filtering layer that the water goes through, the pores of the filters become smaller, so as to capture even the tiny particles or impurities from the water. As a result, sediments like dirt and rust don’t stand a chance, and you get crystal clear water.

For the highest quality water, your Under Sink Water Filter needs to be changed over a period of time as its effectiveness at cleaning the water is reduced. For optimal results, you should replace this filter every 12 months to ensure clean, safe drinking water.


3US PS01 Under The Sink Water Filter

Features of 3M 3US PS01 Under the Sink Filter Alternative

  • ·         Use of premium carbon block technology.
  • ·         Reduces sediments, chlorine taste and odor.
  • ·         Maintains full flow.
  • ·         100% Eco-friendly and Sustainable.
  • ·         Easy to install and operate.
  • ·         Industry certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard.

 SGF-AF01 also fits with the following

          3M 3US-AS01 and 3US-PS01

        Whirlpool WHCF-SUF and WHCF-SUFC water filter systems.

You can also buy this product from our Canada eBay store and USA eBay store.

Along with this product, we have an amazing collection of other filtration products including Commercial Filters,  Refrigerator Water Filters, and Under the Sink Water Filters. We are serving our filtration equipment services throughout Canada and USA for all major brands.

Buy this amazing 3US-PS01 Under The Sink Water Filter Replacement at a quite reasonable price. Our offerings can help lower equipment operation costs while delivering high-quality water.


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