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3M A1 Filter Replacement SGF-A1 by Swift Green Filters

3M A1 Filter Replacement SGF-A1 by Swift Green Filters

The Swift Green Filters SGF-A1 Commercial water filter is a perfect replacement for 3M A1 Water Filter. This advanced and Made in USA replacement water filter is produced under the supervision of specialists and prominent Ph.D. researchers to offer consumers by fresh and great-tasting water. Our premium quality alternative of 3M A1 is efficiently and effectively reduces a large number of harmful contaminants from water. It also helps in maintaining the useful minerals in the water. Along with this, it lessens chlorine taste and odor – Reduces Sand, Silt, Dirt, Rust & Sediment down to 1 micron, providing consumers with healthy and tasty water for their regular usage.

Get SGF-A1 for 3M A1 Water Filter

SGF-A1 and Marine Filtration Systems are specifically designed to deal with a wide range of concerns about the quality of water from campground, marina and other public hookups. SGF-A1filters help to provide high-quality water for drinking, coffee, tea, ice, cooking.

Swift Green Filters provides a green alternative to the conventional filter. The activated carbon used in SGF-A1filtersis produced using a new technology that carbonizes dried coconut shells in an enclosed self-sustaining system. The filtration process involves the drainage of water through various layers until it reaches the core of the water filter. Hence, not even the smallest particles can escape.

Features of 3M A1 Water Filter Replacement

Get SGF-A1 for 3M A1 Water Filter


Our premium-quality replacement water filter provides you 3 to 6 months of water filtration.


The SGF-A1 replacement water filter is NSF and ANSI Certified.


We are proud to mention that our water filter is manufactured in the USA with the high-quality material.


The water filter is made from coconut shell carbon, which is an Eco-friendly and earth’s most powerful natural filter.


Our water filter retains the minerals in water which is beneficial for health.


The SGF-A1 is also Compatible with


A1, 5610429


Overall, SGF-A1 is the best and Eco-friendly replacement for 3M A1 Water Filter. Get the high-quality filter at the most affordable price range.

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We also offer a huge range of filters that can replace most leading brands. Swift Green Filters are the best green alternatives to the refrigerator water filters. Our main aim is to fulfill all your filtration needs by providing you with the most beneficial water filtration for your home and business. We offer you a wide range of Refrigerator water filters, Commercial water filters and Under the Sink water filters.


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