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Effects of Fertilizers on Health

Effects of Fertilizers on Health

Today we are going to tell you the Effects of Fertilizers on Health. Synthetic fertilizers can seriously harm your plants and the nutritional content of the foods you are growing. Unfortunately, that’s not all they can harm. Direct contact or exposure to the chemicals found in fertilizers can kill infants or cause health problems in many adults.

A study showed that children who live in homes that use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides have over six times a greater rate of getting leukemia. If you’re a groundskeeper at say a golf club, beware! This is the most high-risk profession for cancer because of toxic chemicals. What most people fail to understand is that these chemicals do not need to be ingested for them to harm you. Basically just being around them will increase your risk because they are absorbed through the skin. We can see how dangerous are the Effects of Fertilizers on Health.

Potassium, which is a main ingredient in fertilizers, can cause stomach pains, dizziness, diarrhea, convulsions, and mental impairment. Too much of a certain chemical will slowly creep up on you. Your body can only handle so much at a time, so if you start to feel ill it never hurts to check with your doctor!

There are certain steps you can take in your own day-to-day routine to make sure you’re protected from these harmful chemicals. First, mow your lawn less often and use the highest setting. The taller the grass the most it will crowd out weeds and form deeper roots. It also uses less water, which is always a plus in our eyes! Don’t bag your grass clippings; rather, let them fall back into your lawn as they contain good nutrients. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall and when your lawn is dry is the best for you and the environment because when it’s frozen or wet you’ll be creating a lot of dirty run off water.

Last but not least, something that so many people brush off is testing your soil to see exactly how much fertilizer is actually needed. You can buy a testing kit at most gardening stores and then you won’t be seeping extra chemicals into the grounds around you!

We think now you have got enough that how harmful are the Effects of  Fertilizers on Health.

What are some ways you up keep your lawn by not using harmful chemicals? Lawn hacks are welcome in the comments below!

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