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Reduce Food Wastage

Tip Wednesday: How to Prevent Food Wastage

This Wednesday we want to give you some tips to reduce your Food Wastage while grocery shopping – the root of where the problem starts.

  • Shop smart

    Food Wastage

Plan your meals, plain and simple. Make lists and whatever you do avoid impulse buying. When you make impulse purchases you run a high risk of not consuming that product. Check out these meal-planning apps, which can honestly make your life so much easier!


  • Buy exactly what you need

    Food Wastage

This is easier said than done. How many times have you bought a whole container of a product when your recipe only called for 2 tbsp? This is where your lists and meal planning will come in handy. If your recipe only needs a certain amount of a product make sure you’re not buying more than you need. This tip not only helps with waste, but it also helps your wallet too!

  • Be realistic

    Food Wastage

This is something I’m terrible at. I turn into the most unrealistic person at the grocery store. It’s almost like holding knickknacks or clothing around your home. Have you ever had that thought – “Oh, I’ll use that one day though!”. That’s a dangerous thought and very relatable to grocery shopping as well. Be realistic, don’t overbuy, and don’t buy something you “think you might use”.

  • Buy the misfit produce and avoid Food Wastage

Food Wastage

This one is important. Our world has endured so much marketing that we are now wired to think that because a fruit or vegetable doesn’t look a certain way it must be bad. Try to break away from this thought and purchase any vegetables or fruits that are well, ugly. I promise – it won’t hurt you! and it also helps you to avoid Food Wastage.

  • Have a plan B

If you end up purchasing a product that you don’t use as planned, make sure you have a plan B and use that product up for something else! I mean I would hope you wouldn’t just throw the product away but you wouldn’t believe what people do these days without thinking. Don’t add to the statistics – decrease them!

Check back tomorrow for more tips on how to reduce Wastage within your home.


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