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Know your Water

Know your Water

Are you aware where the water comes from? Do you know what the water quality parameters are? How safe is your water? Well, these are the questions you need to ask yourself before drinking water. Most of the people don’t even give importance to their drinking water. As a result, they suffer from various water-borne diseases and malfunctions. Let’s know your water with Swift Green Filters.
Know your water

Around 70% of the earth is covered in water but only 2% is consumable. However, taking the issue more seriously, about 1.6 % of fresh water is present in glaciers and polar ice caps. By seeing the statistics it can be said that is a shortage of fresh water all across the globe.

There are certain sources of water, from where human beings rely on for their consumption. There may be many varieties of ways that water enters in your home. Some of the common ways which can be seen in every house are listed below:

  1. River Water/ Surface Water: – Water which comes through municipal supply generally comes from rivers or surface waters.
  2. Borewell: – Source of underground waters which is done by digging a bore well. As the requirement of water goes up, the depth of bore well increases.
  3. Tanker: – Places where there is less availability of water, separate water tankers are brought to fill up the storage. Most of the time, you are not even aware of the water source.

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Know your Water Quality Parameters:

Water quality parameters must be checked to understand the usability of water whether it is consumable or not. Some of the water quality parameters are given in the table below:-

1 Water Hardness Temporary Hardness, Permanent Hardness In the case of temporary hardness, there is a presence of bicarbonate salts of calcium and magnesium. It can easily be removed by boiling.

Here water contains chloride or sulfate salts and it cannot be made soft by boiling. As a result, hardness leads to various issues depending on our hair and making it frizzy.

2 Temperature None Temperature one of the important parameter, higher the temperature of the water, higher will be the solubility of the toxic components like zinc, lead and cadmium which in turn can harm lead to various problems in our body.
3 Dissolved Oxygen None Water can be measured by the level of oxygen. If the presence of oxygen is more, water tastes better. But if the dissolved oxygen is more, then it causes the corrosion of pipes through which water comes.
4 pH None PH values can above 11 and below 4 can cause skin and eye irritation. PH values in between 6.5-9.5 can corrode pipes.

The level of contamination varies depending upon the various sources of water. Some of the natural contaminants have positive effects as well as negative effects depending upon the amount of substance present in water. The list of contaminants listed below can tell you something about your water.

1 Arsenic & Fluoride Arsenic can lead to serious skin problems, skin cancer, cancers of bladder, kidney, and lungs. Exposure to the fluid can result in crippling skeletal fluorosis which is a serious morbidity in the world.
2 Selenium & Uranium This component naturally appears in water and it can cause gastrointestinal disturbances, discoloration of skin and decaying of teeth are some of the symptoms with excessive use of selenium.
3 Lead is a major source of poisoning household pipes that supply drinking water to homes which later on affects the mental development of children.
4 Benzene & Chlorobenzene Benzene can cause anemia and increase the risk of cancer. Chlorobenzene can damage the liver and kidney.
5 Other Compounds Chemicals like insecticides, pesticides and road salts contaminate groundwater sources. Exposure to pesticides can be harmful to the human nervous system.


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Apart from knowing the quality parameters, you need to keep a record with the water supplier. You should be totally aware because water is a basic necessity of survival and all living organisms depend on it. Moreover, the government should look up to this issue very seriously and should enforce certain rules to the water supplier.

You need to be aware of these factors and know your water though it might take time to bring a change in a country the crisis can only be solved by taking some initiative. We hope Swift’s help you to know your water quality. A right commitment and dedication can bring a change towards safer drinking water.

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Having at the foundation of every product, an extensive research to suit your requirement, Swift Green Filters is one of the leading producers of Organic filtration products. With the object to provide you with safe and healthy drinking water at most affordable pricing, Swift manufactures products using environment-friendly recyclable technology. Swift‘s water filtrations products warrant health uniqueness coupled with affordability.



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