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LG LT500P Refrigerator Filter Replacement SGF-LA22

LG LT500P Refrigerator Filter Replacement SGF-LA22

If you are looking for the best replica of LG LT500P Refrigerator Filter then don’t miss out the chance to buy SGF-LA22. It perfectly fits with a number of other products including Great Value GV AWF-5231JA2002A, GE OPFG-RF300 and many more.

Replacement LG LT500P water filter SGF-LA22


Product Description                          

Swift Green Filters has introduced SGF-LA22 which is the premium quality refrigerator water filter and finest substitute to be used at the place of LG LT500P Refrigerator Filter. This Refrigerator water filter relies upon the quality standards of NSF and ANSI. Our team of highly professional Ph.D. scholars has examined and brought up methods to utilize raw materials produced by carbonizing dried coconut shells that give 50% more access towards catching toxic elements. Also, it effectively reduces Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Chlorine Taste & Odor (CTO), Lead and Cysts, giving you fresh, healthy and tasty drinking water. All these processes are clinically tested and approved. These all features are delivered to you by The Swift Green Filters at a quite affordable price.

How it Works?

The filtration process handled by this replacement of LG LT500P Refrigerator filter consists of the movement of the water through a number of layers until it reaches in the middle of the cartridge. As the water moves further through the layers, the pores of the filter reduce in size. Thus, stopping the movement of even the tiniest particles.

Other Variants of LG LT500P Refrigerator Filter 

Besides SGF-LA22, Swift Green Filters is providing one more variant for LG LT500P Refrigerator Filter that are :

Our Product comprises various remarkable features and benefits.


 Insinkerator F-701R Water Filter Replacement  Insinkerator F-701R Water Filter Replacement

Features of the LG LT500P Filter Replacement

Our high-quality refrigerator water filter provides up to 6 months of water filtration.
The SGF-LA22 water filter is certified by both NSF and ANSI.
We proudly mention that our water filter is manufactured in the USA and provides you the satisfaction of quality.
The water filter uses coconut shell carbon (Renewable Resource) which is the earth’s most powerful natural filter. 
Our water filter does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health

SGF-LA22 is also compatible with other brands

Great Value GV
Aqua Fresh

WF290, WF-290


GEN11042FR-08, GEN11042F-08 9890

LT500P 5231JA2002 5231JA2002A-S 5231JA2002B 5231JA2002B-S PS2487038 ADQ72910907

OPFL-RF300 RWF1050 4609890000

Water Sentinel
WSL-1, 795.5131 79558826900 LRSC21935 LRSPC2051 LSC23924 795.51033.011 79572093310 LRSC26905 LRSPC2331 795.51312 lSC27925ST LRSPC2031 LRSPC2341 795.51029.010 LMX25964ST LRSPC2041 LRSPC2661, 46-9890 469890 5231JA2002A ADQ72910901 ADQ72910902 EL-1 FML-1

Buy this incredible SGF-LA22 Refrigerator filter for only $25.76 USD
 and save your health. Overall, the SGF-LA22 Refrigerator filter is all that you need for your LG LT500P. You can’t get such a premium quality filter at this affordable price range anywhere. 

Swift Green Filters also have a collection of other filtration products like Commercial Water Filters, Refrigerator Water Filters, and Under the Sink Water Filters. Our products are served throughout Canada and are compatible with all major brands.

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