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Refrigerator Water Filters Provides by Swift Green Filters

Which Refrigerator Water Filter Is Right For You?

Is the water you drink every day safe? Is your Refrigerator Water Filters provides healthy drinking water? Depending on where you live, it might not be as safe as you think. Outdated sewage treatment standards can often leave various contaminants in the water that families across America depend on. Some choose to rely on expensive alternatives, such as bottled water. However, bottled water is actually less regulated than regular water.

Depending on the levels of contamination in your drinking water, Swift Green offers three different product lines to suit your filtration needs.

Swift Green Rx:

Swift Green Rx provides the absolute best-in-class water contaminant filtration in the industry.

In addition to reducing all of the water contaminants that regular Swift Green Filters reduce (such as lead, pesticides, herbicides, and mercury), Swift Green Rx Refrigerator Water Filters also significantly reduce pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drug contamination.

Swift Green Rx is the optimal choice for Americans living in areas with contaminated drinking water and are looking for the most thorough level of contaminant filtration.

Refrigerator Water Filters provides by swift green filters

Swift Green Filters:

Both our mid-tier model and our namesake, Swift Green Filters reduce a wide variety of contaminants.

Besides lead and chlorine taste and odor, our economical Refrigerator Water Filters product line reduces contaminants such as asbestos, atrazine, mercury, and many more. For those living in areas with poor drinking water sources and are looking for a filter which provides top-quality filtration of a wide range of contaminants, Swift Green Filters are the ideal option.

Refrigerator Water Filters provides by swift green filters

Royal Pure Filters:

Royal Pure Filters models provide best-in-class filtration of lead, as well as the reduction of CTO (Chlorine Taste & Odor), at an affordable price.

As with all Swift Green products, Royal Pure filters are produced using our environmentally friendly manufacturing process, constructed from 100% recyclable parts, and proudly manufactured in North America.

If you live in an area with a well-sanitized water source and are searching for an affordable, high-quality filter option, Royal Pure filters are a perfect choice.

Refrigerator Water Filters provides by swift green filters

At Swift Green Filters, we want to make it as easy as possible to find which filter is right for you. See the chart below for full list contaminants that each product line reduces.

Refrigerator Water Filters chart provides by swift green filters


Swift Green Filters has been established both in Canada as well as in the US. We are serving our premium quality water filtration products in both countries and now looking forward to exploring it worldwide. We are providing an economical alternative for expensive filters.


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