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Sediment Water Filter

Swift 10 Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge

Swift 10 Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge for Reverse Osmosis 10″ x 2.5”

Swift 10 Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge is a high-quality melt blown filter. The water filter is made from 100% pure thermally bonded polypropylene microfibres. Our sediment water filter is compatible with most 10”x 2.5”  industry standard filter housings.

The Swift 10 Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge is designed to reduce every type of sediment, as verified by NSF/ANSI 42. The water filter will make your regular water free from any sediment particle. The Swift Green Filters has also made it easy to discard this sediment water filter.


The Swift Green Filters Advanced Filtration Process

Sediment Water Filter

First of all the outer layer filters small dust particles to ensure the best filtration experience. The inner layers are made of fine fibers. After the water is filtered from the outer layer, it passes through the inner layer for more accurate filtrations. This multilayered structure is developed from thermal bonds and no adhesives or binders are used for the purpose. The following layer filters the large sediment particles to maintain the life of our water filters.


How It Works?

In the process of filtering the sediments, the water is forced into the inner cylinder via the medium or fiber wraps. The water line is used to provide the necessary force. The surface of the medium traps or retains the released contaminants. The size of the retained particles is a  measure of its pore size or space between the granules.


The average pore size of a water filter is listed and rated by the manufacturer, in most of the case. In this case, our sediment water filter would trap contaminants which are equal to or more than 10 microns(ten-thousandths of a millimeter) in diameter.

Why Choose Swift Green Filters?

Fully Certified

Our Water Filters(including this one) are certified to meet the quality standards of  NSF/ANSI 42. Swift Green Filters remove harmful contaminants from water.


Made In USA

Swift Green Filters manufactures all its products in the USA. All are raw materials are BPA, lead, and arsenic free. So, you will get 100% satisfaction and performance from our Water Filters.



We use coconut shell carbon (a renewable resource) as the basic raw material for all our Water Filters. This helps us to keep plastic away from our landfills.


Swift 10 Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge for Reverse Osmosis 10″ x 2.5”  is compatible for

Ace Hardware                  45331

American Plumber        W5P, 155014-52

Ametek                             P5

Aqua-Pure                        AP110, AP010

Bruner                              P5, ED-S-1, SS-10

Bunn                                S5-10, ED-S-1

Cornelius                         COR120, COR120, COR105

Culligan                             P5

Cuno                                 CFS110

Ecolab                              9320-1135

Everpure                           Costguard DEV9109-08

Flotec                                RS3

Honeywell                        RF-60

GE                                       FXUSC

Puretrex                            PX5-978

Kenmore                           38480

Kleen Plus                         P5

Manitowoc                       K-00173, K-00069

Master Plumber              529-286

NuCalgon                           4712-87

OmniFilter/Omni Filter  RS4, RS4-SS, RS4-DS

Plymouth Products        P5

Puremark (PFS105

Pentek                                P5, 155014-43

Rainsoft           9547, 9577, 9591, 9747, 12461, 13110, 17367, 1227867

Sears                                   34362

Selecto                              101-230

Shurflo                              15-052-00, SF31-SEDS

True Value                        529-286

USFilter/US Filter            P5

Waterpik                           IR-20

Whirlpool                          WHCF-GD05

as well as most other brands of water filters.

You can buy Swift Green Filters high-quality sediment water filter from our eBay Store.



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