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tips to stay green

Tips to Stay Green

Protecting the environment for our future generations is a responsibility we all must take upon ourselves. From large multi-national businesses to small grassroots movements, taking environmentally responsible initiatives is a growing phenomenon throughout the world. Even a single person can help to preserve the environment by tweaking their lifestyle to make more eco-friendly choices. For today’s blog post, we here at Swift Green are going look at some simple Tips to Stay Green.

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 Tips to Stay Green

Save Energy:

Make sure to turn off your lights and electronic devices when they are not in use. Simply remembering to turn off electronics before commuting to work can help save energy and save you money on your electricity bill. Also, make sure to change your light bulbs in your home to more energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs. These light bulbs significantly reduce energy consumption while providing the same amount of light.

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Save Water:

One great way to reduce water usage is to shorten your shower times. Showers consume massive amounts of water, and cutting a 15-minute shower in half can seriously reduce the amount of water being wasted. Another great way to reduce water consumption is to make sure that none of your faucets are leaking or dripping. A leaky faucet can waste significant amounts of water throughout the day.

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Reduce Plastic Use:

Millions of tons of plastic waste are currently residing in US landfills. We can reduce this number by avoiding or recycling plastic products. One easy way to reduce plastic consumption is to reuse shopping bags rather than purchasing new ones. Also, be sure to avoid plastic water bottles and instead use reusable water bottles with filtered tap water. We hope now you know simple Tips to Stay Green.


With these simple changes, we can all become more environmentally responsible. We here from Swift Green hope these tips can help inspire you to make your life a little more green. Swift Green Filters is a trusted name in providing economical and premium water filtration products in all over USA and Canada. Have a look at our online stores.

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