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Harmful Elements in Our Everyday Products

Everyday Environmentally-Unfriendly Products You May Be Using

We all have the go-to products that help us get through the day. However, many of us may not realize how we are using Harmful Elements in Our Everyday Products such as soaps, moisturizers, or deodorant that could cause inadvertent damage to our environment. To all of our readers trying to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, be sure to avoid these three ingredients that are commonly found in everyday household objects.

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Know About Some of The Harmful Elements in Our Everyday Products

Microbeads – Found in soups, facial cleansers, and toothpaste

Microbeads are tiny plastic particles that are added to a variety of cleaning products such as facial cleansers. Microbeads can increase a products ability to cleanse porous surfaces and can act as an exfoliating agent for skin care products. However, when these microbeads are rinsed away, they often fail to be treated in sewage treatment plants and can enter our oceans and lakes. These microbeads are often mistaken for food and are subsequently ingested by aquatic life. The toxicity of these ingested plastic microbeads can seriously harm an ecosystem by resulting in a mass loss of aquatic life. The toxicity of the microbeads can also get passed on to the various animals that feed on aquatic life to survive.

Paraben, Cinnamate, and Benzophenone – Sunscreen

Over 6,000 metric tons of sunscreen enter our oceans and lakes each year. Included in those 6,000 metric tonnes of sunscreen are environmentally-unfriendly chemicals such as paraben, cinnamate, and benzophenone. These chemicals can damage our oceans coral reefs by causing coral to become easily susceptible to infections (a process known as coral bleaching). It is estimated that 10% of the coral reefs in the world have been affected by coral bleaching thus far.

Palm Oil – Moisturizers, lipstick, and shampoo

Palm oil is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the world. Often found in everything from food to cosmetics, palm oil has become a staple ingredient in modern society. Unfortunately, this demand has led to severe deforestation and landscape fires. Besides contributing to global warming, the toxic fumes produced by these landscape fires kill thousands of people each year. If you are concerned with being green and have the opportunity to supplement a product with palm oil for an eco-friendly alternative, make sure to do so.

By only making some slight changes to your buying habits, you can make a big difference in reducing the impact we leave on our environment. By refusing to purchase products that use these ingredients, you can encourage a variety of companies to incorporate more environmentally-friendly ingredients into their products.

We hope that after reading this blog you can better understand how Harmful Elements in Our Everyday Products are impacting our lives.
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