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Microplastics in bottled water


Microplastics in Bottled Water

Remove microplastics and lead a healthy life. Yes , Microplastics in Bottled Water is dangerous for your health. The term plastic is understood very easily by all, but many of you may not be aware of what are microplastics? It’s Nature, texture, where it is found and most importantly how it gets into a bottle. Microplastics are the small pieces of plastic particles ranging the size in between 0.33 mm-5mm. They originate from various sources which include cosmetics, fibers from synthetic clothes, per-production pellets and fragments from larger plastic products.

Subgroups of Microplastics

Micro-plastics are divided into two subgroups: primary micro-plastics which are formed by the use of human material and secondary micro-plastics which are formed by the breakdown of larger plastic debris. These micro-plastics do not get decomposed even after years; as a result, it causes an adverse impact on the environment. As these small micro-plastics get into our food chain and affects our health.

In marine life, microplastics of size 5mm, which is estimated to be the size of sesame seed or smaller than that, was found in the ocean water. The investigation involved the scientists from the University of Washington Tacoma and George Mason University where they found minute plastic particles ingested by the aquatic organisms and seabirds. The research was done so as to quantify microplastics in water samples to make it comparable.

WHO has reported that more than 90% of micro-plastics have been found in bottled water. According to new study, about 259 bottles from 19 locations in 9 countries across 11 different brands found an average of 325 microplastics in every 1 litre of water. Later, another investigation was done by the scientists of the State University of New York where they found one bottle of Nestle Pure Life containing 10,000 micro-plastic pieces per litre of water, which shows very high concentrations. Out of 259 bottles, only 17 were free from microplastics, quite a small number. This investigation was carried out by the orb media.

A study says that not only bottled water but tap water is also contaminated with micro-plastics in the countries around the world. Over 83% of samples are contaminated with the plastic particles and the US is rated highest with 94% of plastic fibres in their tap water.

It’s high time we should take an initiative and bring a change, otherwise, the earth will become a planet where humans will have water but not for consumption. Curb out the use of plastics as it is harmful to the environment and your health. Join hands and make this world a better place by removing the usage of plastics from your life.

Here, Swift Green Filters takes care of the bottled water and follows the guidelines set by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Swift Green Filters has put a lot of efforts in producing the organic filtration products which are Eco-friendly and safe for human consumption. Swift’s water filtration products are cost-effective as it is made up of coconut husks which ensure a healthy lifestyle. Now, it’s your turn to make a right choice instead choosing Microplastics in Bottled Water.

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