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Importance of Clean Water


It has been recently vision by the scientist that water is so important for our body and our immunity system. We use water to process several functions of our body. Over 70% of our body is water. Everyone should be know the Importance of Clean Water in our life. Our nervous system which is responsible for sending the electrical signals to every cell in our body is really a system of miniscule waterways. A lack of water is disturbed this system and cause to lead the dehydration of the nervous system.

Many scientist and doctors agree on this one point that this condition is caused by many neurological disorders. Our digestive system required pure water to digest our food as well as get the optimal nutrient absorption. Pure water can also either positively or negatively affect our energy levels depending on whether or not we are properly hydrated, in fact, it has been proven in clinical studies that even a 5% reduction in body fluids can cause as much as a 30% loss of energy and a 15% drop in body fluids leads to death.

Importance of Clean Water in our life

Knowing the Importance of Clean Water for our body, we must know about clean water. What is clean water? What the water contains? How much the clean water effected to our body system. These questions always occur in our mind. clean water is also known as purified water. Distilled water is commonly known as clean water. Water can be purified by activating carbon filters. Sometimes it can be processed with the Ultraviolet combination and activated carbon also.

We hope now you know the Importance of Clean Water in our life. We are the green alternative to the conventional filter. Our activated carbon is produced using a new technology that carbonizes dried coconut shells in an enclosed self-sustaining system. This process captures and converts the emissions into useful thermal energy. We offer a variety of filters that are compatible with all leading brand refrigerators.

Swift green filters always understand the health of people and tried to take the right step to make eco-friendly products and also cost-effective. Have a look at our USA store as well as our Canada store.

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