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Most of the time people think that having habits are always bad. But some habits are good for us, like sleeping on time; eating healthy food, drinking pure and fresh water etc. Some habits come with time and practice. However, every habit has a result. So when we decide to make a habit we also keep in mind its result. Good results mean feeling good, feeling satisfaction, and besides this physical results of habit will also be found.

Practice makes perfect! Practicing to obtain a new habit may not always be easy. However, when you face problems you recognize them and after recognizing them you take an action to solving them. Practicing becomes a pattern, when you follow that pattern a good habit may come from it. You can choose that idea in your routine life. The old pattern can be changed with new habits.

According to a research, it is proved that if any work continually doing for 66 days it becomes a habit in your daily routine. Swift green filters have a habit to give people pure and fresh water with eco-friendly technology.


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