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The use of activated carbon to remove harmful impurities from water has been practised since Roman times. Activated carbon is extremely porous with a very large surface area, making it an effective adsorbent material, and common natural substances like lignite, bituminous and anthracite coal and peat, wood and coconut shell can be used to make activated carbon.

Swift Green chooses to use the coconut shell to make the activated carbon:-
1. Coconuts are grown in over eighty countries and have a total production of 61 million tonnes per year.
2. This leaves coconut husks. Which are discarded or burned?
3. Swift Green Filters takes the consumer waste (husk) and activates it in a closed system to create carbon for our filters.
4. Thus making coconuts a fast renewable resource.
5. Coconut carbon has 50% more micropores for capturing and holding contaminants than any other carbon, as well as its unique ability to polish the taste of water.

Our goal is to continue to build on our green strategy for all future products and development. Which result in the standard are expressed within our Green Filters brand.


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