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Three Simple Lifestyle Changes to Boost Mental Health

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Being truly healthy extends far past eating low-calorie foods and weight-watching. Though often neglected during the manic hustle of everyday life, the state of an individual’s mental well-being can have a monumental impact on one’s health, efficiency, and overall happiness.

Today’s blog post will look at some simple lifestyle changes and techniques that can help improve your mental health.


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Journal Writing:

Often times, poor mental health can be the result of repressed feelings or emotions. Not having a means to express these repressed feelings can have a catastrophic effect on one’s mental health. Writing in a journal can help relieve these repressed feelings by providing an outlet for cathartic release. By incorporating a brief journal writing session into each day, you can provide yourself a safe outlet to vent or contemplate on your daily experiences.

For those who are struggling to find something to write about, a great tip is to write whatever comes to your mind in that moment. Try not filter the thoughts that you write; whatever you write is for your eyes only and is safe from public judgement.

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It is far too easy to become lost in the hectic lifestyle that modern society demands. Try scheduling in at least 10 minutes for yourself to rest, relax, and be alone with your thoughts. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress levels and anxiety. Sometimes, taking a short break from your busy schedule is all you need to relax, recalibrate, and gain perspective on the challenges we all face regularly.

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We have already covered the benefits of daily exercise many times on this blog, however, exercise can provide benefits beyond improving your physical health. The endorphins produced by having an intense workout can provide an immediate mood boost. Exercising can also help produce a more positive body image, which can help boost and stabilize mental health.


We can all stand to pay more attention to the state of our mental health and with these simple lifestyle changes, you can make a real difference in your day-to-day life. Hope everyone has a happy and healthy week!

(Note: If you ever find yourself suffering from serious mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, be sure to talk to a doctor and get help immediately.)


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