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World Health Day 2017: Depression Facts

Happy World Health Day! Founded by the World Health Organization, World Health Day was created to highlight and raise awareness for a specific health issue (which changes every year). For 2017, the World Health Organization decided to highlight the impact and prevalence of depression in order to both reduce the stigma of the condition, and encourage those who are affected to seek help.

For today’s blog post, we here at Swift Green Filters wanted to do our part to raise awareness for the prevalence and impact that depression can have.

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Depression is the Most Prevalent Cause of Disability in the World:

According to the World Health Organization, the number of clinically depressed individuals has increased by over 18% in the last 17 years. The World Health Organization also estimates that 300 million people in the world are currently suffering from depression. Depression commonly affects the elderly, youth, new mothers, and individuals who work in stressful environments.


Depression is a Debilitating Illness

Depression can destroy a person’s ability to find enjoyment in anything they normally would. Constant fatigue is also a common symptom of depression, leading to reduced productivity and social interaction. All of these symptoms can result in severe damage to a person’s happiness and quality of life. If these symptoms are ignored, depression can progressively worsen into a life-threatening condition.


If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, be sure to get the necessary help immediately. Depression may be a very serious issue, but it is also very treatable.

See the World Health Organization’s website for more information on depression and mental health at


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